Top 3 Fishing Apps


Windy App helps you find nearby fishing spots, allows you to enter the name or coordinates of a specific spot and easily make a route to it from your current location.

There is also a chat available on the same page as the fishing spot’s. Here you can ask any advice or share any experience about fishing with fellow fisherman. You can even post a photo of your next big catch!

The app provides useful data for weather forecasting before and during fishing including, atmospheric pressure at sea level, moonrise/moonset, air temperature, precipitation, wind direction, gusts, and speed. There are 10 regional and global weather forecast models available on the Windy App, it is recommended to use a a local model for your region.

To help you choose the best times try adding the solunars feature, a graph showing fish and other animal activity depending on the moon phases.


FishAngler gives you instant access to a real-time fishing forecast, nearby catches and fishing hot spots. You can use the forecast to determine the best fishing times, log and track your catches, as well as connect with other anglers for fishing tips and tricks.

The GPS Maps allow you to explore locations, fish species and catches logged by other fisherman. This feature provides you with access to your favourite fishing spots and the option to save coordinates for the next trip.

Other features include, fishing tides and charts, wave direction and swell, Solunar fishing forecast, water temperatures, wind, weather conditions, and sun and moon phases.


This tide, waves, wind and weather forecast app includes features like spots listings, radar, maps, tides, forecast and community. Based on your preferred conditions, it allows you to find the best fishing spots while providing detailed forecast data.

The forecast includes data like wind (direction, speed, gust), waves (direction, height, period), temperature (including water temperature), clouds, precipitation, sunrise and sunset.

The app also has a 30 day tide forecast and daily tide interactive chart, as well as the moon phases and time of the next high/low tide. The radar gives standard, satellite and hybrid map modes, providing direct access to all spot options with routes to all your favourite and nearby spots.

The Wisuki App community allows you to follow other fishing enthusiasts, post about fishing sessions, share, like and comment. Chat to others and learn how forecasts work under any conditions.

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