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Outfitters supplies a wide range of firearms and ammunition, hunting accessories and gear, vermin and insect control products. We are also stocking a wide range of general outdoor equipment, now online available to you.


Hunting is the name of our game. Let’s equip you with all you need for your next hunt, find rifles, scopes, suppressors and ammunition. Looking for a great hunting experience, visit our advertisers.

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Predator Callers & Decoys

IcoTec Decoy


Outdoor Accessories

Tick-Less PET



Yildiz A3T


Bags, Holsters, Cases, Safes & Slings

Outfitters Polyurethane Ammo Case


Our product range also includes trail cameras, tools, hog ring pliers, cage traps, DVD/CD, dimmer switches 12v, head lamps, ear muffs, two way radio, ammunition and gun cleaning equipment.

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Our product range includes hunting rifles, shotguns,air rifles, rifle telescopes, spot lights,binoculars, gun cases, targets and clay pigeons, ammunition and gun cleaning equipment.

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