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ICOtec develops and manufactures electronic predator calls & decoys based on your requirements. If you are looking for easy to use controls, long battery life, long range non-line-of-sight remote control capability and lots of free audio files. From the beginner to the veteran, we are expanding our offering to satisfy a full range of hunters and budgets.

Jackals cause huge stock loss for farmers across South Africa and can unfortunately not be reahabilitated or relocated, so the only way to save livestock like sheep, is to give the jackal a quick painless death. This is where the use of a game call such as ICOtec becomes needed.

They allow the hunter to get the predator as close to them as possible, and stand still long enough to ensure a clean shot. This way, there is lower risk of injuring the animal and causing extended pain. It is vital that farm owners make use of predator hunters who know how to call and remove predators ethically before they can cause more damage to livestock.

ICOtec does not only provide calls for jackals, but also for a large range of different predators such as rooikat, wolf and coyote.

Piet Nel has a farm between Fraserburg and Sutherland and also partakes in vermin control, specifically the hunting of jackals. 

Piet Nel recently shot 4 jackals between Fraserburg and Loxton using the Icotec Predator Caller GC500 Gen2, as well as a 243 rifle and  an ATN night vision scope.



One of the jackals was a female, around 3 to 4 years old. The jackal was shot 80 meters from the bakkie. See video below:

Female Jackal 80m shot

The three youngsters appeared 20 minutes later. Piet Nel managed to shoot 2 of them, the third making its escape after hearing the first 2 shots fired. See video below:

3 Jackal Youngsters 2 Shot

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ICOtec products available at Outfitters below:

Icotec Predator Caller – Night Stalker Programmable Call

Icotec Predator Caller GC500 Gen2

IcoTec Decoy



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